by Frankie Steil

 Damages and Fun Facts:
The date of the eruption was august 27, 1883
    When Krakatoa erupted it was so loud that 1/2 of a crew on a ship that was about 25 miles away from the eruption had their eardrums popped.
   The tempurature on the Earth dropped and average of 1.2 degrees c. after the eruption
 After the eruption only 1/3 of Krakatoa was left above sea level.
The waves from krakatoa traveled over 3800 miles
The eruption put ash 50 km into the stratosphere.
It was the 2nd largest eruption in human history.
It made tsunamies that wiped out ajacent island beaches that killed 90% of the 36,000 total death toll.
Ash fell on the island of Cocos 1155 km to the southwest.
The giant waves that it made reached hights up to 40 meters high. It hurled ashore coral reefs that wieghed as much as 600 tons.
It obliterated as many as 165 coastal villages.
It made pyroclastic flows that traveled 40 km across Sunda Strait and reached the coast of Sumatra.
The explosion was heard on the Rodriguez Islands 4653 km away.
Ash fell in Singapore 840 km north of Krakatoa.
Anak Krakatoa ( Child of Krakatoa) has been erupting since 1927.

crack  The tsunamis washed ships up onto land.
 When the giant waves receded, the ships were left  high and dry up to two miles inland

crackThe smoking crater of Anak Krakatoa

stoofzAfter the eruption only 1/3 of the island was left.

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